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Coffee Bean Types



Grown at higher elevations ( 3,000 feet or above and regions within 1,000 to 1,200 miles of the equator)

Coffee brewed from the beans of the Arabica coffee plant can vary widely in taste, depending on the processing method used.

Arabica coffee is generally considered to be of superior quality and most speciality coffee makers will use Arabica coffee beans.


Grown at lower elevations

Beans contain higher concentrations of caffeine and antioxidants than other types of coffee – great for coffeephiles who need a jumpstart in the morning!

Coffee made from Robusta coffee beans is widely available and you’ll find it in pretty much any supermarket.


"Coffee grown at higher elevations is of better quality!"

"Harder the beans...better the flavour!"

Coffee beans produced by plants growing at high elevations are harder than those of plants growing at lower elevations.

"Quality beans have a longer maturation period."

As the plant takes longer to grow its beans, it draws more nutrients from the soil while the beans are maturing.

"Organic Farming"

This can also have an impact on the taste and quality of the beans. When the plantation also picks coffee beans by hand (selecting only the best of the harvest) – well, you’re on to a winner.

The seed of the coffee plant - Coffee Cherry

The coffee we know and love is made from coffee beans. You knew that bit, but did you know the bean is actually only the seed of the coffee plant’s red, grape-like fruit?

This seed is called a cherry because coffee, like cherries, is what is known as a ‘stone fruit’.