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Flavour & Taste


A word on flavour
At their peak in flavour and aroma, around 24 hours after roasting, coffee beans can still taste a bit acidic. Some people totally love this taste for its freshness but it’s not for everyone.
If you prefer your beans more settled, give them some time to calm down. Two to three days should do it, and you’ll be left with a mellow brew worth waiting for.
Don’t wait too long though – once coffee beans are ground, exposure to the air makes the development process speed up, so the taste matures faster.
If you want to be brewing the minute your coffee arrives, order our ground arabica. If you’re a master of your desires, go for whole beans, which will keep maturing in flavour.



It’s a matter of taste

Different beans take different times to mature in flavour. It’s a matter of personal taste how long after roasting coffee is at its best, but all the experts agree that it should be enjoyed within 14 days.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all our years spent mastering the art of roasting, it’s that every bean is different. That’s why we treat every order differently.