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How to grind fresh coffee beans?


Blade grinders

The great thing about blade grinders is that they’re a simple operation and they’re usually inexpensive. You can use a blade grinder to prep your beans for a drip maker or French press, but it’s best to avoid them if you have an espresso machine.

Drawbacks of blade grinders

Blade grinders can be a bit of a large presence in your home. They make some mess and a lot of noise.

Extraction isn’t as smooth as you might like because the coffee is pulverized rather than properly ground. That makes for a less consistent grind.


The Burr grinders

The burr grinder is a precision tool. You can select the exact grind for the burrs, so you get your perfect cup of coffee every day.You’ll still need to experiment with the settings of any burr grinder, but it’s worth the effort. Burr grinders can be used for any brewing method: from Cafetier to espresso.

When you’re dealing with the best beans, you want to make sure your grind is just right. The following chart might give you a good idea and a good starting point.

A very fine grind

Stove-top espresso pots or Moka

A fine grind

Espresso machines

A medium grind

Drip makers, with cone shaped-filters 

V60 Filter

A coarse grind

French press (press or plunger pot) or Cafetiere

Vacuum coffee maker

Toddy makers, using the cold brew method